Lash Lift Experience

I am way late jumping on this lash train. I’ve actually been interested for a while and have gone as far as to make a few appointments for lash extensions in the past but chickened out at the last minute. I love the idea of lash extensions but to be honest they freak me out a little bit and I’m scared that they’d irreparably damage my real lashes or that I’d love them and never be able to live without them. To me, it’s hard to justify the cost of upkeep and if I did get them it would be for a special event.

I finally talked myself into getting a lash lift which seemed like it was more my style than extensions. I’m kind of a low maintenance type of girl, not to say that I don’t love beauty products and my beauty routine but comfort and ease are more important to me than anything. Instead of adding additional lashes they curl your existing lashes at the base so they point upwards instead of pointing straight out. It’s the eyelash perm perfected but looks so natural.

As a busy mom, if theres a way to make my life easier I am all about that. I was told the lash lift would curl my lashes for 6-8 weeks which sounded amazing to me. My lashes are stick straight so my eyelash curler is a big part of my beauty routine whether or not I use mascara. My eyelashes disappear, they aren’t visible if you look at my face straight on so I was hoping to get some kind of definition. The price was $65 for the lift or $75 for the lift and tint every 6-8 weeks which is a steep comparison to the $250 with $75 refills every 2-4 weeks for lash extensions.



The Process

The actual process took about an hour and my girl, Angela, walked me through every step of the process as she went. It was reassuring to know what was going on since my eyes were closed the whole time. At no point in time was I uncomfortable or anxious, she made it really relaxing for me and it went by so quickly. I have long bottom lashes so she placed a gel pad over them to keep them out of the way which was the only time my eyes felt funny. She was very meticulous making sure my lashes were perfectly positioned and adhered to the silicone pad before setting them. The actual perm was so fast and was followed by a tint. Honestly, the tint didn’t really show up on my dark lashes but for lighter lashes its a must-have.


The Upkeep

The upkeep is so simple. Don’t get them wet for 24 hours after the perm, Elle Woods taught me that in Legally Blonde. Avoid rubbing your eyes, waterproof mascara, and oil based products as those all can cause the perm to fade faster. Easy peasy. I don’t use waterproof mascara or oil based products as it is so having virtually no disruption to my daily routine was great. She sent the cutest hand written card in the mail with an aftercare instruction insert.


The Result

My initial results were amazing. As soon as I opened my eyes I could tell how much longer they looked. I could actually see my lashes which is a big change for me and I couldn’t stop brushing them. I went for the medium silicone pad this time but next time I would go for the small to make them look even longer. The photo above is a before and after of my lashes makeup free (whoa, hello dark circles) and one with mascara.

My overall thoughts on them are they are absolutely worth it. If you are on the fence about eyelash extensions or if you use an eyelash curler on a daily basis this is the beauty solution for you. I’ve been wearing mascara less often because I haven’t felt like I needed to and even when I do one coat is plenty. Excuse me now while I go brush my eyelashes and stare at them some more.



For any of my local Portland ladies, if you see Angela mention my blog for a discount! She has generously offered any of my readers $45 for a lift and $55 for a lift tint, that’s $20 off! Could she be any sweeter?

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Baby and Toddler Snacks On the Go

My family is a hungry bunch. We eat about every two hours which means that I have to pack snacks everywhere we go. If you know me you know that I love making home cooked meals and snacks for my boys. I prefer to feed them wholesome and nutritious food over easy crunchy snacks but often times the transportation and cleanup is just not worth it. These Gerber Grabbers are great for both my baby and toddler when we are on the go because they contain two servings of fruit. They are mess free and come in appetizing flavor combos that the boys can agree on which doesn’t happen very often. I like that I can buy a bunch of them at once and keep them in my bag without worrying about them staying cold or going bad. With two kids the last thing I want is to be doing more work and worrying more than I have to. I love that for once the healthier option is the easier option! It’s a no brainer to throw these into my purse and take with us wherever we go.

Honestly, I normally always buy the organic version of well, everything, but Gerber asked me to check out these pouches with the new Smart Flow spout so I bought these instead. The coupon does work on the organic ones though which is amazing! The Smart Flow spout regulates how much gets squeezed through the top at a time and limits the mess considerably which is ideal for babies and toddlers.

We did a form of Baby Led Weaning with my baby so he is very independent with his eating. For those of you who are curious, we skipped feeding him from a spoon and started with things he could easily pick up and chew. Over time we’ve added in things like hummus that he eats from a spoon but the majority of his food he eats with his hands. He is supervised at all times with food but the amount he eats is entirely dependent on him. I will say that BLW is way messier but for us has been totally worth it. The Gerber Grabbers are perfect for him to eat on the go because it encourages his independence but keeps his hands from getting sticky.

My toddler on the other hand never stops. He is a constant whirling ball of energy and eats like a teenage boy. These are great for him when we are at the park or in the car where he needs to quickly eat something before getting back to chasing the birds and pretending the ground is lava.

Grab your coupon here and pick some up from your local Kroger or Ahold chain. I picked up a bunch at our local Fred Meyer to keep on hand to toss in my bag.




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Florals for Mother’s Day

How gorgeous is this dress?! Three years ago I became a mother for the first time and my whole world changed. My son was born the morning after Mother’s Day and was the best gift I could ever ask for. I kept my legs crossed and my eyes shut the entire way to the birth center because I was determined not to have my baby in the backseat of our SUV in rush hour traffic on a Monday morning. But we made it and came home later that day with the sweetest, most affectionate, headstrong little boy who will forever march to the beat of his own drum.

I feel so lucky that my mama was in town for Mother’s Day this year and we got to go to brunch to celebrate with my two babies and her grandsons. We went to this super cute french bakery and bistro near our house that serves good brunch food and fresh, buttery croissants hot from the oven with cheese and fresh jam. We stuffed ourselves with cappuccinos, pastries, fruit, yummy egg dishes, and french 75s (for me) and talked about how much has changed over the last few years.

It makes me so happy that my boys get to grow up with their nana and spend quality time with her. My grandma was one of my best friends growing up, I loved running to her and getting swept up in an endless hug and smelling her grandma smell. I can only hope that my boys experience that too.

This dress is absolutely perfect for spring. Its soft and light with beautiful pink florals on it. I love that its got that hi-low hem to it so it feels appropriate for spring occasions too. Pink Blush makes the best maternity clothes which I’ve talked about here and here but their regular line is amazing too. They carry both regular and plus sizes for their women’s and maternity line which I LOVE. This particular dress is also nursing friendly which makes it my new favorite spring dress.


Dress// c/o Pink Blush
Shoes// Jeffrey Campbell (older style here)

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